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OC: Ivy by JasontheDemon OC: Ivy by JasontheDemon
(Listen to "Song 2" by ~Blur~ to get full viewing effect)
Age in picture: 8
This is... hey! Knock it off! Give me back the...... Sorry about that! Hi! My name is Ivy! And apart from breaking the forth wall, my powers include the complete control of plant life and the ability to create hurricane force winds! My love for pranks coupled with my manic personality makes me quite the wild card... you never really know what I'm gonna do next! My dad is Razorvine, and he says that I should try to learn how to be calm like him... But that's boring! If you ever want to find me you should search the nearest forest! I love flying through the trees with the wind in my hair! Life is a party and we should dance to its music! Okay, I'm done. Here's your keyboard back...... That was weird. Well at least she didn't prank me...... wait, forget what I said before... she did.
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June 24, 2012
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